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PS260 has been State Champion since 2002, offering editorial, post-production, visual effects, graphic solutions, and technological integration across all viewable platforms. And being State Champion is more than just a proverbial accolade, it is maintaining a standard of excellence and creative vision in the field we know best, visual storytelling. PS260’s dedicated team specializes in collaborating with clients to weave a story that is thought provoking, inspirational and timeless.

With 15 years of experience, now in NY and LA, we’ve worked with brand heavyweights like Google, Jet Blue, ESPN, M&Ms, Beats by Dre and SNL that highlight the emotional spectrum of our human experience created for Super Bowl commercials, unforgettable viral content and provocative Sundance feature films. This dedication to craft has been continually recognized by various industry honors such as the Cannes Lions, Clio Awards, AICE, AICP, Effie Awards, London International Advertising, and online media platforms like YouTube and their prestigious Ad of the Year Award.

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1. On Tuesday and Wednesday, cab fare costs $7.75 total. On Monday and Thursday, cab fare
costs $6.30 on each day. On Friday, cab fare costs $7.00. What was the average daily cost?

2. Do you love PS260 because you are beautiful or do you love PS260 because we are beautiful?

3. A lawyer owns 4 pairs of pants, 5 dress shirts and 6 ties. How many days
can the lawyer go without wearing the same combination of three items?

4. If you had to share a bedroom and the only bed was a bunk bed
would rather have the upper bunk or lower bunk?

5. What is your favorite month?

6. A cow is to milk as an orange is to?

7. If the first two statements are true, the third statement is true? false? not certain?
#1: A man works at Bob's Pool Store. #2. All the employees at the pool store wear blue shirts. #3. The man wears blue shirts.

8. If you were going to the theatre would you prefer to see a musical or drama?

9. Mozart is to Bob Dylan as George Washington is to…?

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